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2 Things You MUST Know About Depression

Every day, more and more people are given over to depression. Depression has become a mental illness that continues to ravage our society, even to the point of suicide. To better increase our chances of winning over depression, here are two things that we must know

2018 Was A Great Year! Here’s My Review | Life Through My Eyes

Am I late? I don’t think so. It’s never too late, or late in the first place for new beginnings, making plans, and doing reviews. No one loves plans like I do.

I know almost everyone has done their #newyearnew…? plans by now and people like me are still behind. But come on, its just 11 days after the new year, so I’m still very much early.

(Who else feels like january is slow? More time to make plans sha).

So here I am, after attending cross over service, 12 hours with Jesus at helpline ministries with Rev. Craig, and light for your path service for 2019 in my church, and I’m ready to knock your socks off this year!

Now i can comfortably review 2018 and project my 2019. I have a lot to learn this year, and so does everyone.

Here’s my 2018 in review!