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Nora Awolowo’s Short Film ‘Symphonies’ (2020) (Review)

Now that I’ve said all the serious stuff, I have a favorite line from the short film. “Young woman! You’re rude! Who will marry you?” This part cracked me up because THERE ARE people who seriously ask these sort of questions.

Bling Lagosians (2019) | Movie Review

Bling Lagosians taught us how important it is to live within your means; What it’s like to have everything today and wake up with nothing tomorrow morning; How dangerous it is to ‘keep up appearances’; And lastly, to watch our circle of friends.

ANNA (2019) | Movie Review

Think John Wick, but as a flexible, treacherous, backstabbing, intelligent woman, and with more lines. This is Anna. More like a joANNA Wick. It’ll be the action movie of the year if they’d end up in the same movie. 

Deep seated within all the action and romance, is the desire Anna reminds us that all humans have: the desire to be free! To live and let live. To decide when you want to sleep or wakeup, when you want to go out, or if you want to shoot a high profile government official. 

The movie ended with the satisfied audience at Cartege Cinemas Asaba in high spirits and a round of applauds.  I’m certainly watching it again, and maybe once more after that. 

Whenever you’re in Asaba, you’ll want to visit @CartegeCinemasAsaba. (Try the pizza first. Don’t say I didn’t help you. Lol) They actually deliver wherever you want within Asaba.

Have you watched ANNA yet? What did you think about it?

COMING FROM INSANITY (2019) | Movie Review

In the mid-nineties, a 12 year-old boy (KOSSI) with genius-level intelligence, is one of many children trafficked through the Nigerian borders from Togo. He ends up with the MARTINS, an upper-middle class family of 4 in Lagos. At their home, he will work overtime for his meals and shelter as a houseboy.


Men In Black 3: International is highly recommended anytime, any day. The combo of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson was a match made in heaven for this sci-fi comedy movie.

3 Reasons Why JOHN WICK: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is a MUST WATCH | Movie Review

From the action in every scene, moments of humor, the dogs, the morocco scene, and all other wonders of John Wick 3, it’s certainly money well spent.

It’s hardcore display of brutal take-downs will leave you wide eyed and mystified, wondering how Keanu Reeves held up his body after every rehearsal. True enthusiasts of action movies would bow at the greatness that is John Wick.

Today, I Saw The Sun Set | Poetry

It unsettled me,
Not because it was getting dark,
But because in the looming darkness,
I saw a familiar face,
The face of a country that I didn’t deserve,
One that didn’t deserve me,
Today, I saw the sun set.

SCRIBBLED LINES BY Becky Okhomina|Book Review

Scribbled lines is packed, and I mean packed! It’s suspenseful and exciting. The progression is fast paced and yet still manages to give the story and it’s characters time to develop within a short amount of time.

Once I picked it up, I didn’t put it down until I was done. It was impossible to take a breath while reading. The only time you breathe is after the last full-stop ends the story and you exhale a breath of relief. Relief for freedom, trust, loyalty, victory of truth and of course, Justice!.