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A Soldier’s Story: Return from the Dead (2020) Movie Review

a soldier's story return from the dead review

Set in Lagos, Nigeria and a fictitious neighbouring country, Watz Republic, “A Soldier’s Story: Return from the Dead” is the 2020 sequel to the 2015 Nollywood movie, A Soldier’s Story. It continues the story of Major Egan and Regina in Nigeria. and Zaya who remains in Watz Republic.

It was written and directed by Frankie Ogar, and produced by Martin Gbados. The cast includes Tope Tedela (Major Egan), Linda Ejiofor (Regina), Somkele Iyamah (Zaya), Michelle Dede, Daniel K. Daniel, Baaj Adebule, Samabasa Nzeribe, Eric Roberts, John J Vogel Jr, Alex Usifo, Akin Lewis, Segun Arinze, and more.

If you didn’t watch part one, do not fret. On it’s own, this sequel sells itself.

What happens in this Sequel?

Major Egan is “returned from the dead” but he and Regina are being targeted in Nigeria after an attempt was made on Egan’s life. Getting back to their normal life won’t be so easy as the corruption within the ranks of the Nigerian Army won’t let this happen.

Meanwhile, Zaya is still in Watz Republic with Regina’s younger brother, Edwin, while the country recovers from the war that ended in part 1.

Peace doesn’t last for long in Watz Republic as crude oil has just been discovered and unscrupulous elements want covert control over the lands. This sets off more unrest in the region and prompting Zaya to flee but not without some obstacles.

The Actors

One thing that has stayed consistent from the first A Soldier’s Story movie up till this part 2, is the quality of actors. Down to the extras, every one delivered to the teeth.

For one, Daniel K. Daniel as Bossman still deserved the award he got for playing the character of Boss Man. It’s like he didn’t get out of character between 2015 and now.

Somkele Iyamah played Zaya and she carried her role on her shoulders. We should probably expect an award for her performance in A Soldier’s Story 2.

Another thing to note about the actors, especially those who played characters with origins in Watz Republic is that they stayed with their accents all through. They made it easy for viewers to enter the story.

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Compared to part one and most Nollywood films that require some special effects and CGI, I’m glad the makers of this film partnered smartly for the special effects. It wasn’t all perfect but there are scenes that shock you., especially the explosion and fire scenes. I nodded when I watched those parts. If it’s only the special effects you’re going in for, you’ll be forgiven.


There were a few hiccups here and there with the editing. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss some information that will connect the dots as the film progresses.

There were also shootout scenes where the audio didn’t exactly match the intensity of the moment.

Predictability and Part 3 Expectations

I love how unpredictable the plot is. I foresee a dramatic and unpredictable resolution of the story in part 3. You couldn’t have confidently predicted anything that happened right from the opening scene of part one to the very last scene of Return From the Dead.

Speaking of the ending of this movie, I shouldn’t say this in public but…

(starts to whisper)

The writer “did a thing” at the end of this movie. I’m only waiting for part 3 cause I’ll have to organize a protest if the writer followed through with that twist. Donate when the time comes. Aluta Continua.

When part 3 comes out in a near future, I’d definitely find a way to watch A Soldier’s Story from part 1 to part 3.

The big question is, should you watch it? Sure, watch away. Watch for the unique story, for the effects, and for all the great acting.

A Soldier’s Story: Return From the Dead is currently showing in cinemas across the country.

Ps: Give Somkele Iyamah her flowers, please!

Watch the trailer on Youtube here.

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  1. A soldier’s story is a fantastic movie of an unpredictable standard, and the part 1 and 2 suspense ends makes it crave for at all times.

    Irrespective of how many times it is being watched, it continues to remain fresh. Kudos to the story writer and all the crews.

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