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Citation Film Review: 8/10 Cause I felt it was Incomplete

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I loved the mix of languages, the colors, the acting by the various actors and of course, the story but I felt Citation was incomplete and in this review, I will explain why.

But first, what’s the movie about anyway?

Written and Directed by Kunle Afolayan, Citation is a Netflix movie about Moremi, a young, naive, Postgraduate student who sought justice for herself when her professor tried to rape her.

For about 2 hours and a half, we watched as a young and naive Moremi graduated from just wanting to finish her education to fighting to be able to keep her life going. Her lecturer tried to rape her but guess who everyone puts on trial. The victim.

For this review, I take you through what I liked most and what questions I had after the film ended.

Here’s my review for Kunle Afolayan’s Citation

What I particularly liked about Citation

How Citation unfolded: Her truth vs His truth

I particularly liked how Lucien’s version of the story was set side by side with Moremi’s. It placed the focus on how Lucian could twist the truth and even attempt to gaslight Moremi into thinking she was the one who was wrong for sticking out in class.

*Sounds familiar? (Whispers in #EndSARS and fake news peddling) It appears that oppressors are the same world over.*

Moremi’s Bravery

We do have to applaud Moremi’s bravery. For someone who was reserved and naive on so many levels, (why did she follow that boy? what was she thinking???!!!), she stood up for herself and didn’t let a heavily corrupt system drag her down. I see this show of courage inspiring people to seek justice for themselves, particularly where “Sex for Grades” is concerned.

How it was incomplete A.K.A. Unanswered questions

Where’s our Moremi vs Gloria resolution?

Where’s the closure between Moremi and Gloria? This is why I found it incomplete. Gloria betrayed Moremi and got with the man who tried to rape her friend. How did Moremi feel about Gloria taking Lucien’s side? Why didn’t Moremi tell her friends about what was happening between her and Lucien? We know she saw Gloria in Lucien’s car, but why didn’t she ever confront her about it? Their side of the story just fizzled out like it didn’t matter.

I would have loved to see Moremi confront Gloria about siding with Lucien but hey, not my movie.

WHO even reported first?

Who reported the incident first? At what point did it get reported? Was it Moremi who reported? or was it Lucien? Questions!!

What was Moremi’s Lawyer’s usefulness?

No, think about it. What was Moremi’s lawyer’s role? It seemed the only thing the lawyer did was to sit beside her client and offer no real help while telling a story about how she met her husband. (I almost screamed “Alaye, jazz up!” at this point)

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been watching too much of How To Get Away With Murder but shouldn’t the lawyer have known to find a way to discredit Lucien? It was obvious that if they left Lucien to continue lying, Moremi would have lost the case and be tagged the one who lied against a reputable lecturer with “two masters degrees”.

In the end, Moremi did all the work to save herself. The lawyer did nothing but carrying files and caution Moremi against bringing pant to the panel room.

*Maybe hire Annalise Keating next time?*

Why was it so long?

2h31mins? At some point, I got tired of watching. I’m unsure if this is my attention span talking, so you might want to watch it yourself.

The Verdict

Is it worth watching? Definitely. If you can watch without being bothered about the length or despite it, then go ahead and let me know what you think.

Aside from Citation, I’ve watched about three other movies directed by Kunle Afolayan and I love them all (except Mokalik, for personal reasons) and I might just review them all.

That said, Citation is currently available for streaming on Netflix. Try not to watch it elsewhere. Watch it where the creators can get paid for their work.

For those who have watched it, what did you think about the movie?

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