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Kasanova (2019) Movie Review – An Easy To Like Romantic Comedy

kasanova 2019 movie review

Kasanova (2019) is a romantic comedy about a single father who after losing his wife, engages in multiple flings with women but later falls in love with his son’s music teacher.

Kasanova is written by Tomi Adesina, Oluseyi Asurf and Ugochukwu Isreal, directed by Oluseyi Asurf and produced by Eddy Young.


Kasanova is an easily likeable romantic comedy. I love the chemistry between Ireti Doyle (Ms Jessica) and Wale Ojo (Femi). How they transitioned from being arch enemies to becoming lovers shows the versatility of love. Sometimes, you just can’t control what happens. You open your eyes and boom, you’ve been together for years.

Also, I love that Ms Jesiica and her daughter, Ini (Ruby Akubueze), and Femi and his son, Jason (Alvin Abayomi) eventually worked out their issues. Reconciliation is something we need to get used to. People in their imperfect nature will offend you and you will offend them. Its what you do after the offence is committed that matters. Although in some cases it’s best to remain apart. Forgiven, but apart.

The Younger Actors

The younger actors gave a nice performance in Kasanova. Jason and his friends (Tomiwa Tegbe and Chimezie Imo) were particularly fun to watch. I only wonder why jason’s friends weren’t on the poster to start with. They obviously got more screen time than AY, Helen Paul, and Odunlade Adekola who didn’t appear for more than 15 minutes collectively. Those boys deserved a spot on that poster.

Time travel

Kasanova had enough unanswered questions and moments of time travel that could potentially distract you from the movie. One of such is the unanswered question of how and when Ms Jessica (Ireti Doyle) and Femi (Wale Ojo) fell in love. I blinked and they went from enemies to full-time lovers. Was that scene cut out by mistake? Why wasn’t the crush between Ini and Json addressed when they realized their parents were dating? What about the bet?

In Conclusion…

A lot of work was obviously put into this movie – cinematography, directing, production, casting – but if you’re going in to love the story, you may be too distracted and unsatisfied to love it enough. Overall, Kasanova was a nice watch.

3 thoughts on “Kasanova (2019) Movie Review – An Easy To Like Romantic Comedy”

  1. Olabosipo Solanke

    Watching the trailer and your review brings 2 opposite perspective to the movie.
    Nothing in the trailer attracts a watch cant even read a storyline, crescendo or conflict.
    Like I said, get known names and you have a movie, ignoring the beauty of the ACT.

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