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Cold Feet Movie Review (2019 Nigerian Movie)

cold feet 2019 nigerian movie review

Cold Feet is one Nigerian movie with several lessons on marriage, forgiveness and humanity and I’ll discuss them in this review.

If there’s one thing that it teaches accurately, it’s that marriage is in no way easy and that no marriage is perfect by all standards. Or is it our own perception of the “perfect marriage” that’s twisted?

About Cold Feet (2019 Nollywood Movie)

Cold Feet is about Omoye (Joselyn Dumas) whose husband of five years, Mayowa (Jim Iyke) takes her to a resort to celebrate their anniversary. Here, Omoye unexpectedly runs into an old flame, Tare (Enyinna Nwigwe) who is initially there to propose to his girlfriend (Beverly Naya) but hesitates upon meeting Omoye. Is somebody getting shot? Maimed? Is someone getting divorced?

Directed by Moses Inwang, this is the case presented to us in Cold Feet.

PS: There MIGHT be things you consider “spoilers” in this review.

Cold Feet Movie Review

One thing about this movie that impressed me is that it provides the possibility of you rooting for everyone, including the homewrecker, Tare. (Yes, for once, a man is a “homewrecker”)

You’ll want Omoye to find the love she’s looking for. You’ll also want to punch Omoye for trying to break Mayowa’s heart. You’ll wish Tare would find love elsewhere instead of trying to come between a cute couple. You’ll also want Beverly to just get proposed to so she can rest or to find love in a better man that’s not Tare.

Another thing that you will love is the dedication the actors bring to their roles. I’ve seen a lot of films where I question the character’s existence at several intervals. Cold feet isn’t one of such.

From the homewrecker to the ungrateful wife, the doting husband and the desperate-to-marry girlfriend, you couldn’t possibly be thrown out of the story just because an actor accidentally slipped out of character. Everyone remained in character. It was that good.

I also felt the sex scene was a bit drawn out. We get it, they had sex, can we move on to the aftereffect now? Scenes that are too long (and not for the sake of new/relevant info), often derail its audience. The film loses momentum and would need extra time to get back on speed.

Lessons we can all learn from Cold Feet

People are imperfect

People are imperfect. We do and have done things we aren’t proud of and sometimes, we’re shitty people to ourselves and others. Omoye, being human, made mistakes that could have been absolutely avoided. Your heart may break when you realize what she did, but again, human’s are imperfect in diverse ways.

Mayowa wasn’t perfect as well. He was continually self-centred and wasn’t thinking of what Omoye wanted. Omoye knew this but she married him anyway, revealing that when it comes to marriage, you pick whose imperfections you’d rather live with.

Getting married for the wrong reason is a big NO

Actually, if you don’t have a reason that originates from you and not societal standards and learned expectations, don’t get married at all. You’ll run the risk of realizing ten years later that you really don’t know why you married this person. Omoye got married for the wrong reason and only realized her ‘why’ five years later.

Don’t set unrealistic expectations

No two marriages/relationships are the same. Don’t set unrealistic and inconsiderate expectations for yourself in the name of “I want what they have”. You wouldn’t want to “God when” yourself into a disaster.

And please, don’t assume things when it comes to other people’s decisions. Beverly made the same mistake that Deadrel made in Wedding Party 2, assuming Nonso was proposing when he was just picking up a ring for someone else.

(Come to think of it, Nonso in Wedding Party and Tare in Cold Feet are the same actor)

Generally, I enjoyed Cold Feet. The comedy wasn’t overdone and the production came out nice. Plus, it has lots of lessons to glean from the story. Moses Inwang won’t waste your “God When”.

You can stream Cold Feet movie on Netflix after reading my review and let me know what you think.

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