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“Light in The Dark” Movie Review: Do You Really Care?

light in the dark movie review

In Light in The Dark, a devastating home invasion pokes holes in the marriage of Jumoke (Rita Dominic) and Emeka (Kalu Ikeagwu), bringing them to the point where they have to find light in the darkness that has covered them.

Light in The Dark, some say is about that one home invasion that changed their lives when in fact the home invasion was only one in many events. Right from the beginning, we’re looking at a couple’s relationship being tested through difficult times and how these tests affect them. So it is not just the home invasion we should be looking at, it’s the other occurrences and how they matter in the grand scheme of their relationship.

The chief of these occurrences is Emeka’s Protection Mantra.

Emeka’s protection mantra goes thus, “I love you, I will stand with you, I will protect you.” He said it numerous times with his mouth but did he ever fulfill those words to Jumoke?

Emeka is an Ibo man, while Jumoke is a Yoruba woman and in Nigeria, there’s a long standing feud between the two tribes. In Light in the Dark, Jumoke and Emeka’s mothers were not in support of their marriage because the other was from a tribe they didn’t like. The couple got married anyway but there’s something you should see.

There were times when Jumoke defended Emeka when her mother questioned her decision to marry him but on no occasion do we see Emeka defending Jumoke to his mother.

Emeka’s lack of wife defence skills didn’t start from the robbery, it started from when his mother brought his ex-girlfriend to the house the same day Emeka brought Jumoke to be introduced to his mother.

When Jumoke woke up the next morning to help his mother with chores, Emeka told her not to bother because he didn’t bring her to the house to do chores.

“Is it not my mother?” he said as he pulled her into bed with him, signifying that his mother wouldn’t be bothered that Jumoke didn’t come out to sweep.Well, he was wrong and he knew it.

Jumoke woke up an hour later to sweep the house, and his mother came out to shout at her for waking up late while glowingly throwing it in Jumoke’s face that Emeka’s ex-girlfriend had already swept the house that morning. The saddened Jumoke returned to the room to complain and all Emeka did was to smile and propose.

Eleven years later, his mother stayed with them for some days and continued mistreating Jumoke. They had a daughter but his mother badgered Jumoke to produce a grandson. She doesn’t share the blame with Emeka but focuses on Jumoke alone. Emeka knowing this is what his mother does (he mentioned it later) didn’t see the need to confront her concerning her behavior towards his wife.

He spent years numbing himself to his wife’s problems so when she needed him the most, he couldn’t have possibly protected or stood by her even if there was a way to.

Emeka seemed to be blind to what Jumoke was facing with his mother. He had several chances to defend her and set his mother straight but he didn’t. He seemed to think it an inconvenience to confront his mother with the way she continually disrespected and mistreated his wife.

Jumoke, as well, was too absorbed in her problems to realize that during the robbery, there was literally nothing Emeka could have done to protect her beyond what he already did. Probably, she needed someone to direct her anger towards or it clicked in her mind that Emeka’s protection mantra was a farce.

It wasn’t until later that they both realized their mistake and worked towards a resolution, thereby, finding light in the darkness they were in..

Light in The Dark essentially poses a question to ask ourselves; Do we really care enough to defend those we love when they need us to?

Or are you like Emeka, unbothered and uncaring when you should be protecting the person you love?

Light In The Dark is available to watch on Netflix.

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