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Elevator Baby Movie Review & My Top 3 Scenes

elevator baby review

In Elevator Baby, a chance encounter brings a brash, wealthy young man and an underprivileged woman together when they get stuck in an elevator and she goes into labor.

Elevator Baby was written and directed by Akhigbe Ilozobhie (Akay Mason), making Elevator Baby Akhigbe’s first feature film as a director.

Contary to what it would seem at first glance, Elevator Baby is not just about a spoiled rich brat who helps a woman have her baby in an elevator.

It’s much deeper than that.

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Elevator Baby Movie Review

Elevator baby, from the very first scene, paints the picture of an angry, spoiled brat who thinks of no one but himself. As the film progresses and one behavioural block is placed on another, we’re all brought to a life or death situation where Dare has to challenge the person he has become.

This is where Dare has to either face the guilt he has nursed over his fathers death (a situation he can’t change) or to help this woman and her unborn child (a situation he can change).

In that elevator, Dare is unknowingly presented with the chance to forgive himself and repay two lives for the one he had so carelessly thrown away.

Obviously, Dare is all of us in the sense that we make mistakes we aren’t proud of. Sometimes we allow these mistakes eat us and tear us apart till we no longer recognize who we are.

One of the scariest realizations you can have about yourself is that you are a toxic person. Dwelling on the past, beating yourself up and wallowing in your mistakes can turn you to the toxic person that people around you would rather not engage. This is Dare and this is some of us.

Akhigbe Ilozobhie’s Elevator Baby reminds us that we can forgive ourselves for our mistakes, we can mend the bridges we burned and we can come out better people – Less toxic and more considerate of others.

It was beautiful to watch Dare change before our eyes, inspiring us to do the same for ourselves.

Elevator Baby doesn’t come without it’s flaws.

When the movie ends, we know what happened to the relationship Dare had with Nana, Abigail, his friends and Dare’s stepfather but we don’t know what happened with Dare and his mother’s.

It failed to answer an important question, “How did his new change affect his relationship with his mother?”

For example, it would have done more for the story if the last scene was Dare and his mother finally making up or him apologizing for causing his father’s death. After all, it does seem like it was his father’s death that made him more bitter.

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My Top 3 Scenes from Elevator Baby

1. Broda Shaggi should have been given an award for that mountain on the table. I couldn’t even believe he asked for more.

2. This scene is what I call the 4 Stages of Dilemma. This innocent girl entered the elevator in the middle of a heated quarrel and had to witness the heat and the insults being thrown at someone’s mother. First chance she got, she ran. Her facial expressions are what got me rolling.

Where’s her award for best waka pass?

3. A lot of things about Dare were revealed in this scene, such as: Dare runs his mouth whenever he’s angry, he hates his stepfather, he harbors a certain level of dislike for his mother because of his stepfather and Dare was still angry with himself about his father’s death.

By the way, use headphones for this scene. There’s something you should hear when the hard reset hits.

If you haven’t yet, Elevator Baby is currently streaming on Netflix and you should watch it.

If you have watched it, what was your favorite part of Elevator Baby? Drop a Comment.

5 thoughts on “Elevator Baby Movie Review & My Top 3 Scenes”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, it’s really awesome how you were able to make this mean deeper philosophically.

    The fact that we can all change, how tough situations force us to confront our demons.

    Your insights bring deeper meanings and new perspectives to what’s just entertainment on the surface. It makes the movie more than entertainment, but also a message, an inspiring one in fact.

    Keep doing what you do Orobosa.

    PS that sound after the hard reset, like a grenade exploding😂

  2. My favorite part was when nana came to bid dare goodbye, dude still had the audacity to remind her he still wants them together after he just displayed his bad character. Who would still want to go back to that kind of guy, thank God for the change though.

  3. While this movie featured mostly great acting from the actors, it could have used more fleshing for the ending.

    And I used headphones for the hard reset Dare got from the mom haha

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