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Nora Awolowo’s Short Film ‘Symphonies’ (2020) (Review)

symphonies by nora awolowo short film review

Symphonies is a short film directed by Nora Awolowo and produced by Ruth Dulac. Symphonies follows the story of June, a woman in her late twenties whose life plan has not gone accordingly. Haunted by the number of rejections she receives, June’s story is like that of the average young individual who has mapped their life out only to encounter unplanned challenges.

Symphonies: My Review

Gather here if you have ever failed at something, or what you were expecting missed road and got lost somewhere else because Symphonies is for you and everyone you know!

Symphonies is not just June’s story, it is precisely the story of everyone on this planet. We do not always get what we want, even if we have planned for it. Even babies don’t get to attach their mouths to their mothers breasts all the time!

The first life blow hits June in a rather painful way. The moment where she gets the unsuccessful results from her scholarship application, but her friend who she advised to apply got the scholarship instead. June is then forced to listen to her friend prance and express her joy even when under her just acquired cloud of grief. At this point, June’s reaction was perfectly valid(How would you react in this situation?). From then on, June carries on as a magnet of pity.

Truth be told, Debby Felix (June) did an amazing Job with this character. Much of the acting had to have happened from somewhere deep within. In Symphonies, Debby Felix WAS June. From when the first tear drops, then on the bus where we see her frustration in full transferable display, you can tell and feel that there was a lot of things not going the right way in June’s life. You almost want to reach out to your screen and move things around in her favor.

I also realized just how much the title, Symphonies as the title fits the story line. In life, just as in the movie, everyone has a story to tell, everyone has the demons and problems they face in their lives. It is this complete diversity in situation and environment that forms the symphonies of life. Every face has a story behind it.

My favorite line, and it’s definitely gif worthy

Now that I’ve said all the serious stuff, I have a favorite line from the short film. “Young woman! You’re rude! Who will marry you?” This part cracked me up because THERE ARE people who seriously ask these sort of questions. I could tell the question really got to June cause she later reveled that marriage was one of her dreams that were already shattered.

That said, you should certainly watch Symphonies. It speaks to the young and old, employed and unemployed, rejected and accepted. When it ends, you’ll realize that if we begin to see that everyone has things they are dealing with, we will certainly treat each other better.

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