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My Body by Adiel Oyinkari | Poetry| Guest Post


Fix your teeth,
Touch up your mascara,
Strike a pose,
You look ama…-

Wait, wait, hold up,
Tuck your stomach in,
We don’t want that showing in the picture.

You’ll look amazing in that dress, Try it on.
Oh my God,
What are those?
You are covered in stretch marks.

Do you want some dinner?
Oh, you already eat too much,
Watch your weight,
You’re over size for your age…

Thank you all very much,
This is my body and I wish to be happy in it,
I would not fall to despair,
And have an eating disorder.
No Ma!

And yes,
My legs would hold my body when I do get a child.

Respect my body, because I respect it.

Adiel to Mum and Others

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