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3 Reasons Why JOHN WICK: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is a MUST WATCH | Movie Review

About John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

“John Wick, excommunicado in effect, 5, 4, 3, 2…1.”

This was a defining moment in the movie. John Wick was given up to be roasted over a fire and every assassin was notified for the hunt. He had one hour for a head start before being declared an antelope in a wild forest. At the end of the hour, phones of assassins rang with the notification of 14million dollars for John’s head, all at the same time, and BAM! Every single assassin was after John Wick.

This is the point where you decide if you should invest your time in the movie or not, cause once you get past this stage, there’s no going back.

After almost two hours of hard core action, surround sound experience and eating popcorn, at Cartege Cinemas, Asaba, where I watched the movie, here are 3 Reasons Why John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is a MUST WATCH:

1. Action Movie On Steroids:

From beginning to the end, John Wick 3, is one action thriller I’ll never forget in a short while. It had it’s own unique blend of action and humor, as well as making the lives of assassins and their literal body count a bit… well, a bit poetic.

I was sitting in my chair, watching John Wick wreck marvellous havoc with everything from guns, to knives, constant shattering of glass with bodies, horse kicking and a literal death by a collection of words – a book.
Aside from being read, written in and a mini table, who knew a book could serve other purposes? You’d certainly get tips and tricks from John Wick.

2. A Short Trip to Morocco

The Morocco scene is certainly one of the key moments for me. After managing to get a ticket to get out of the country, John Wick heads over to Morocco to seek Sofia’s help in finding The Elder. to negotiate a way out. Sofia (played by Halle berry), her killer dogs and John Wick team up to fight off the kingpin, Berrada (played by Jerome Flynn), and his henchmen when their meeting goes south.

Was Morocco worth the money spent? YES!

Halle Berry and her man killing dogs, stole the show. Halle Berry absolutely STUNNED in every second of her screen time, and it made me feel like her capabilities for action movies aren’t fully explored. From one gunshot to the next punch, I found myself wishing I could actually be an assassin in an alternate universe.

3. Dog Lovers, Assemble!:

If you’re a dog lover, then you NEED to watch John Wick 3. Sofia’s killing machines, in the guise of dogs, shine through marvelously in every single scene they appear in. They weren’t puppy eyed, they weren’t just licking faces of humans or playing catch with their owners, no.

Those two dogs were as powerful as (probably) John Wick himself, and they had shown this in every scene where they took down enemies with more rhythm than some of your faves. Theirs was a dance of death.
It seems assassins take their dogs very seriously. After all, a dog did cause all this ruckus… Partly.

From the action in every scene, moments of humor, the dogs, the morocco scene, and all other wonders of John Wick 3, it’s certainly money well spent.

It’s hardcore display of brutal take-downs will leave you wide eyed and mystified, wondering how Keanu Reeves held up his body after every rehearsal. True enthusiasts of action movies would bow at the greatness that is John Wick.

For more info on when you can see John Wick 3, visit Cartege Cinema’s Facebook page for updates on their showtimes and amazing prices and discounts: www.facebook.com/cartegecinemasasaba and visit their website, www.cartegecinemas.com
Or visit the cinema directly at Cartege Cinemas, Okpanam Road, Asaba, Delta State.

In the near words of Winston, “When you go looking for trouble, Parabellum.”

Parabellum – Prepare for War!

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  1. Five assassins catch up with a man being chased. Then somehow they decide to combat him one by one…with knives but he can use their guns on them😂. I didn’t enjoy the movie, was too weak. There were too many action scenes (including shooting people that don’t die) that wasn’t perfected.

    1. I think that shooting part was because because the bullets couldn’t penetrate their armour or whatever it’s called. They had to change bullets.
      Most of the movies with Keanu Reeves in them usually come with more action than dialogue, especially dialogue that concerns him. He seems to be a man of few words.

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