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Love And Everything In Between By Ezinne Edet | Book Review


LOVE AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN is a collection of short stories about issues we deal with as humans when it comes to love and relationships. Each story has an issue or topic it deals with and they’re quite relevant to our society today.

The stories in this collection are Love Child, A Thin Line Between Love And Hate, Expectations, The Little Things, Many Waters and Matters of The Heart.


Love child’ showed us how things could come full circle in a twisted way and how judging others could backfire on us. Not having a parent present in your life does not disqualify you from finding love.

Ezinnne Edet infused the medical and biological side to love in ‘A Thin Line Between Love And Hate’. She showed us how the possibility of having children at risk of Sickle Cell Anaemia could affect our choice of a significant other. Love isn’t just about how we feel, but also about what the message our body communicates to us. In this story, the message is our Genotype.

Expectations’ explored the unrealistic expectations we bestow upon other people, especially those we are in a relationship with. In this story, listening to someone else experience cemented how human we truly are and helped us understand how unrealistic expectations are unhealthy.

Comparison and ingratitude can make us forget the little things that make our lives worth living. In a relationship, it can distract us from having an amazing relationship with our partners. In a read of a few minutes, Ezinne Edet effectively preached this message to us with ‘The Little Things’.

In ‘Many Waters‘, following your heart was what we were served in a brilliant combination of characters and plot. Mfon’s mother wanted her to marry the son of the General Overseer of their church, thinking it would secure her future. Later events would reveal that it would have been a terrible decision if she agreed to it and didn’t follow her heart.

Matters of The Heart‘ is hands down the most controversial story in this collection. We see a group of women talking about how they ‘handle’ their men. This discussion was what Lizzy overheard that spurred her to change the way she ‘handled’ her man. In the discussion, Ezinne touched raging topics in present day Feminism and Gender Equality, such as sex, chores, finances, and some others.

If you’ve found love, if you’re on the verge of finding love, if you haven’t found love, and if you hope to find love, then you should read Love And Everything In Between by Ezinne Edet.

It doesn’t cover the A-Z of love, but it covers enough to get us reviewing what we actually think about love. It gets us thinking about what to expect from our significant others, what we would do if we were presented with the Sickle Cell threat, what decision we would make if we were being pressured to marry someone our heart didn’t want to, among other things.

Love And Everything In Between is a well put together short story collection with carefully selected stories, and I can’t miss out an opportunity to dissect these stories.

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  3. Totally enjoyed reading this review…i look forward to reading it majorly because of ”LITTLE THINGS” as I have lately been paying more attention to gratitude and consciously eliminating comparison mentality……
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