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SCRIBBLED LINES BY Becky Okhomina|Book Review

Title: Scribbled Lines
Author: Becky Okhomina

About the Book:

Scribbled line is about Gbolade, a young pastor who was accused of rape. Just as he and everyone who knew about the incident were recovering from the shock, another storm hit. This time, it wasn’t rape. It was the murder of his girlfriend in the first degree! How would he be able to free himself from this? Better read the book to find out!

My Thoughts On The Book
Scribbled lines is packed, and I mean packed! It’s suspenseful and exciting. The progression is fast paced and yet still manages to give the story and it’s characters time to develop within a short amount of time.

Once I picked it up, I didn’t put it down until I was done. It was impossible to take a breath while reading. The only time you breathe is after the last full-stop ends the story and you exhale a breath of relief. Relief for freedom, trust, loyalty, victory of truth and of course, Justice!.

Profound themes from the book are forgiveness, trust, justice, love, betrayal and loyalty. While we continually see narratives where men are the downfall of women in our society, Becky has dared not to forget the men whose downfalls were brought about by women. Scribbled Lines sympathizes with these men, and cautions women who perpetuate these evils. It strips naked the dark state of the human mind and confirms these ancient words, “The heart of man is desperately wicked”.

Scribbled Lines and Depression
From the book, How To Win Over Depression by Tim Lahaye, the most prominent thought that hit me, was that depression is a choice. You can read my review here. Depression is the result of a person’s negative response to circumstances they face in life. So you have a choice to respond positively and leave depression behind, or you respond negatively and welcome depression with open arms.

In Scribbled Lines, the decision Gbolade took after the first accusation made sure he didn’t wallow in self pity. The first was rape. What about the second allegation, Murder? His choice here also rang true and saved him.

Those are very serious crimes to be accused of. On top of that, he was a pastor’s son, and also a pastor himself. He had members that looked up to him. He had people who relied on him staying away from such scandals.

Considering the charges leveled against him, guilty or not, It would have been totally understandable if he had locked the world out and wallowed in self pity and anger, and then allow depression to win. We would all understand and seek help on his behalf. We could easily not help at all and say he deserves what he’s getting because, considering the evidence, it’s easy to believe that Gbolade was the culprit.

From the book, it was very comforting to see how strong he was despite the challenges he faced. He didn’t let himself deteriorate to the point of depression and then commit suicide to escape the religious stares of his church members.He didn’t let what people said about him get to him. Despite what the church members were saying, when his father asked Gbolade to deliver a sermon in his absence, he didn’t turn it down. He squared his shoulders, held his head high and delivered that sermon like nothing ever happened.

All that said, I’m giving this book a 5 STAR. It’s highly recommended for every age and type of person. There a various lessons to be learned and an amazing author’s skill to admire. Kudos to Becky Okhomina for this amazing story. I’ll certainly read it again.

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What would be your response if you’re accused of murder or rape?

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  1. Dear Orobosa, as a voracious reader, a flair writer and a recent author, i must say words are something i play with frequently but these few words of yours on the book got me all emotional. Thank you so much; this is an in-depth description of what i wanted to achieve when i put out that piece. Thank you very much, more ink to your pen.

    Okhomina Becky

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