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3 Reasons Why I Love To Write In Books

Have you ever bought a brand new book before? Remember the way it felt? The way it smelled? The way it tasted? Remember how fresh and clean the pages were? Now imagine writing all over all that goodness! It doesn’t look right, right?

Well, at first it doesn’t. It looks rough. It spoils the experience of reading a book alone. Nearly all book lovers I’ve met absolutely detest writing in their books. You know, I used to be like that too; hating to write in books I’m reading.

When my father bought new books, I’ll rush to read the ones I like first, because he would write all over those books like he wrote it himself and is just editing a second draft. (I’m just exaggerating, don’t mind me.)

Writing on books and reading books that have been written on felt like an outright invasion of personal space. If I felt this way about writing in books, what changed then? Why do I like it now? Come, let me tell you why I absolutely love writing in books now.


1. It gives character to the book…

Nowadays, I find books that have been written in interesting to read. It’s like watching a YouTube video and reading people’s reactions in the comment section, Or like Whatsapp’s new picture-in-picture feature where you get to watch a YouTube video right there in the chat.

You’ll laugh at the person, or character. You’ll check your own views on that subject and see how it differs. This is what gives the book it’s character. It almost like the book is speaking to you, while letting the author tell his/her story .

2. You get to meet the previous reader and leave your imprint too…

When I buy used books, I always look out for the books that have things written in it. It gives me an opportunity to meet the person that loved the book before I would. I get to meet a fellow lover of the book and connect with ryhe person.

When I write in books, I get to leave my imprint and a part of myself in that book (my thoughts). The reader after me would very likely end up having a conversation with a friend; like a book club partner, or a pen pal.

As much as I like being alone and undisturbed when reading a book, nothing beats being able to discuss a book with a friend. Writing in books afford us this simple connection.

3. You can tell what phase of life the person was in…

Depending on the book, you can tell what phase of life the person was going through. Did they have faith then? Were they happy? Were they in love? What was the person’s perspective on the subject presented in the book? Those are the things I look out for.

For example, there’s a bible that was previously owned by my dad (because I made myself the new owner). I preferred that version to any other and he hardly used it. The few places where he wrote some notes allowed me to enter his mind and know what he thought about certain subjects and if we thought the same way.

That said, writing in books have helped me take notes and engage the author of the book as well as previous reader in active conversation. It has changed the way I enjoy books.

What’s your opinion on writing in books?

Would you read books that others have written in?

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  1. I write in books and I also love to read books that have been written on. As a matter of fact, the thought that some else has read the book gives drive to read more and want to finish it. Like you said, it also enables me to see that person’s perspective and understanding of the book.

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