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Book Review: How To Win Over Depression by Tim LaHaye

Title: How to Win Over Depression

Author: Tim LaHaye

Genre: Self-Help

Purpose: To help people win over depression

Writing Style:
From the first word, to the very last, the book is quite easy to understand and follow. Tim’s choice of words, play a vital role in helping the reader be comfortable with the going ons in the book. I know I was.
Even if you have no background in psychology, you can very easily understand the points being made.
His examples used in his explanations are straight to the point and relatable to our everyday lives. And at no point can you say, “I can’t relate with he’s saying”.

Is It Universal to Any Audience?
Obviously, this book wasn’t written for children, but more like young adults and upwards. Why would this be a concern of mine?
It’s a concern because the book doesn’t specifically deal with depression in teenagers. Although it can provide a cure at that stage of development, it certainly doesn’t have enough examples and explanations tailored to the hurdles that accompany the life of a teenager.

My Review:

When it comes to self help books, it’s important that we check it’s usefulness or money worthiness by checking if it fulfills the purpose for which it was written. From the title itself, ‘How To Win Over Depression’, it’s pretty obvious what the book aims to do. It aims to teach people how to win over depression in their lives as well as help others do the same.

Tim talks about the problem, of depression, the cures science provides (which isn’t much of a cure since it treats the outcome/symptoms/mechanics of depression instead of treating the root of the problem.) Tim also explains to us, the spiritual cure which is too often ignored by a lot of people. He doesnt say that you should go for deliverance, cause this is a different ball game. He explains to us, how depression is more of a mind game than it’s a wrestling match with the rest of the world.

From other stands, such as music, the occult, anger, self pity, temperament, the mind, and self pity, we also see how the items I just listed aid and abet depression. Tim gradually eases his readers into the idea of the ‘one size fits all’ pill as a cure for depression.

While reading the book, I realized that I had applied the advice in the book when my brother passed on last year. The time I spent actually grieving his death was cut short by the relief I found when I applied Tim’s advice, and I didn’t even know what I was doing then.
Let me digress a bit. I had a lot of things going wrong at that moment in my life, getting the news that my junior brother had passed on a day before my final exams ended, was the last straw. I was stunned into the beginnings of a clean fall, down the black hole of depression. I was at the point where I could have sat in my room while my last paper was going on, staring straight at the wall with the door locked, lay very still under a blanket, harbour anger towards God and continually tell him in very clear words how angry and pissed off I was with Him.
With the way things in my life was just turnionione, (the new slang for turning on it’s own, lol. Nigeria why? Lol!), I could have done that and probably even more.

It took me 48hours to get off the road that led to depression, and it’s through most of the recommendations that Tim gave in his book.
I don’t want to hijack this review, cause I’m working on a separate post on how I dealt with the death of my brother.

My point is, Tim did some magic with this book. Although I have issues with some of the points made, but I would still recommend this book with a 4.5 star.

So if you’re looking to overcome depression in your life, this is your book. If you want to help someone else, buy this book. If you want to help your kids or other kids avoid the perils of depression, then by all means, get the book. It’ll be a worthy investment on your part.

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