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5 Shortcomings of the God Calling Movie | Movie Review

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers. So if you continue reading, I might just buy you ice-cream from Coldstone.

Is there ever a movie without some hiccups? Can the chicken cross the road without being questioned about it’s intentions? I don’t think so.

I did the first part of my review of God Calling, and word around town says it’s helped others buy a movie ticket to see the movie in the cinema. If you’re interested in watching, it’s still running in the cinema.

From the first part of my review on God Calling where I talked about the 4 Things I loved About God Calling Movie, I stated the good sides to it and the parts that were defining moments for me in deciding if I loved the movie or not. I don’t have to say it again, but I’ll say it; I LOVED IT! I would still love it after I’m done writing this.

There were things I liked about the movie, and there were things that just didn’t do it for me. Considering the genre the movie was made in, these points are very important in reality. What I’ve said here isn’t targeted negatively at the movie, but a questioning to all of us. What’s our message? What’s our goal? What’s your call?

Honestly, I don’t want to wear the bad-guy of the year badge, but here are 5 Shortcomings The God Calling Movie (and every other faith based movie I’ve watched):

What Did God Tell Her The First Time They Spoke?
If you’re going to have someone literally speak with God on phone, how about we actually get to hear some bits of the conversation. You can’t tell me ONE conversation with God, her very first conversation, changed her perspective about religion., and I didn’t get to hear or at least get a hint about what went down. The Association of God Calling Fans (AGCF) would not stand for this! We want a rematch! Pretty please? You could look for someone with a great voice that sounds like God. Does that sound funny? Yes, but it’s possible. There’s a pastor in my church that sounds like God.
(LOL… I’m just joking. His voice just sounds like the kind of voice our children’s Sunday school teacher uses to say “This is my son in whom I’m well pleased.”)
I really wanted to hear some conversation though. Especially the beach scene. I was like, “Ooooh, why will this one be smiling and we won’t know why?”

The Message, The Message, What’s the Message?
In every faith based movie, I always look out for one thing; THE MESSAGE. Is the movie conveying THE MESSAGE or just a message. You see, there’s a difference. God Calling conveyed a series of messages. It posed that belief in God is still very real, miracles still happen, and the fact that everyone of us has a call upon our lives. While all that is great, we have one message we’re called to preach at all times: Forgiveness of sins!
Faith is a response to our knowledge of God’s unconditional love. So how do we then increase in faith when we don’t know about the love of God shown to us in eternal forgiveness of sins?
So, does the movie tell us that we could still have faith in God? Yes.
Does it help you believe that miracles still happen? Yes
Does it remotely tell the message that helps you have or grow in faith? No.

Although it’s still the best faith based movie around, it still has some undertones of… (for lack of a better comparison) Mount Zion movies. How? Well, it doesn’t point to what Christ did on the cross, does it?

Did God Actually Take Sade to Hell?
Errmmm… Well, did he? There’s a scene where God apparently took her to hell and showed her the sufferings of lost souls, and according to her, God asked her if she wanted others to suffer the same fate, then she had the miracle baby afterwards. She then wakes up smoking hot… literally smoking hot. No, I’m not joking. Go and watch the movie.
Anyway, she woke up with smoke coming out of her body and had an unbelievable body temperature. She may have broken a world record right there.
Is there anything wrong with this scene? Well, of course not! God would totally take you to hell to see people suffer and scare you into becoming a missionary. Any lesser motivation would be bad for business. He would definitely take you to hell (not heaven), just to put some fear in your heart and scare you to heavens gate. Wouldn’t he? (Silence) No answer?
Let me help you answer.
NO! God doesn’t use scare tactics on people. If it was heaven they said God took her to, then that would have been close to the truth.

But really, since that’s what convinced her husband to go with her, then what message would they ‘head east’ to preach? What would she tell people to make them receive God’s forgiveness.

“Oh hey guys! God showed me hell. There are a lot of people there. As a matter-of-fact, I saw Papa Idahosa there, and michael jackson doing his famous moonwalk backwards into a special lake of fire built for him. If you don’t want to end up in eternal burning, REPENT NOW! THE END IS NEAR!”

Sounds familiar? What emotion does that bring? Fear right? I don’t think that’s God way.

Cause telling people how dirty their sins are and telling them they would suffer like that doesn’t make a true believer out of anybody. Take the Isrealites for example. They got a lot of ass whooping for their sins, but did that get them to turn to God? History answers in the negative.

Does it not press a button, when you realize that God didn’t take John to hell to show him anything to write in the book of revelations? Rather, he took John to heaven.
Honestly, what’s wrong in her being taken to heaven, and coming back to tell her husband, “Honey, you know what? Jesus paid the price and took the punishment for our sins. Our sins are forgiven; past present and future. God loves us unconditionally. Even when we don’t deserve it. That’s the message we’re taking to the East!”?

I’ll tell you, there’s nothing wrong!

But hey, it’s still a great movie. My only strong bone of contention is just these three facts; the conversation, the message and God’s tactics. If they had gotten these three right, it would be Greatacular! Like I said, it doesn’t drop the movie from the place where toppings are meant to be on ice-cream.

Now that we’re done with the serious part, here are the last two things that made me raise an eyebrow:

White Jesus Yesterday, Today and forever???
Why? Why do we continually make Jesus wear while kaftan? Can’t we find something more regal for Jesus’ characters in movies. Something more relatable to today’s audience. Maybe white jeans next time? And a white leather jacket? Am I reaching?

Who will clean the mascara?
I get that Sade was grieving and all, but why would they deliberately use mascara that isn’t waterproof and cry proof. It made it seem deliberate. When I was watching the movie in at Genesis Cinema in Asaba,there were times I felt like getting my face towel from my bag and wiping the cascade of mascara off her face. Who will wipe of the mascara stains? I volunteer my whole pack of face wipe. Give and it shall be given unto you.

If you haven’t read the first part of this review, read 4 reasons why God Calling is a great movie here.

Have you watched God Calling yet? It’s still in a cinema near you. You don’t want to miss it. Don’t mind all those bad belle people that would say it’s full of CGI. I’m the President of the Association of God Calling Fans (AGCF), and I speak for all of us when I say, WE LOVE OUR CGI AND EVERYTHING ELSE.

PS: I watched Lion Heart today. Are you looking forward to my review? I know I am! Have you watched God Calling yet? What was your reaction?

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  2. Truly, I am just hearing about this movie now. So much for a movie addict but from your review, I think I may want to hit the cinema later today and see it.

    The mascara part killed me😅😅😅😅

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