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4 Reasons Why God Calling Is A Great Movie | Movie Review

Movie Title: God Calling
Genre: Faith
Year of Release: 2018
When Sade, the central character suffers a personal tragedy, she is taken on a journey of self-discovery and faith which transforms the lives all those around her.

Have you thought of watching God Calling and you’re not sure if you should commit your money and time? I’ve come to your rescue! I’ve gone before you to make your path straight.

In my opinion, it’s a great movie and here are 4 reasons why it is.

Great Plot
If there’s anything that would keep me glued to my seat, it’s a great plot. I can overlook bad directing, bad cinematography, bad graphics, and on my more lenient days, I can forgive breezy scripts. Make every other thing bad, but leave the plot alone. There are hundreds of Nollywood movies, that I have passed on just by checking the plot. (Hollywood and Bollywood included. Let’s forget the others for now.)

No matter how anybody sings the praises of the script, or great directing to me, once I know the plot is terrible, forget it. CP isn’t watching it.

God Calling doesn’t just have a great plot, it also boasts of a great script, great directing, and great cinematography, among other things. The way the story is woven around great characters left me in awe.

Currently the best Faith-based movie in Nigeria
Looking at the way other faith based movies have fared in the past, God Calling is a breath of fresh air to the archives of faith based movies in Nigeria. From beginning till end, it’s clear, precise and touches very salient points on our journey as Christians.

It shows how our relationship with God should look like
Another reason why I hold this movie dear to my heart, is because it shows how our relationship with God is actually supposed to look like. Now I don’t mean picking up your phone and dialing heaven, hoping God would pick up the office iPhone in heaven.

What I mean, is the care free way the lead actor relates with God. It’s so uninhibited, so free, breezy, a one word away kind of relationship. The kind of relationship where you don’t have to shout before you know God can hear you.

There’s a scene where Sade walks on the beach while talking to God on the phone, smiling and giggling like a happy child. That’s where your spirit screams, ‘GOALS!’

Shows God’s humorous side
Fixing a broken phone. Making a phone without batteries still ring with the caller ID as ‘God’. Taking the walking stick of a one legged man away, and making him run until he realizes that God has actually given him his leg back and he can even run without the help of the stick. Dressing up as a delivery guy and delivering a guitar back to it’s owner, long after the owner threw it in the river cause of frustration. (The way he got out of the water carrying the guitar is so… so… for lack of better words, so bubbly.)

God calling displays God’s humorous side in a number of ways. There are a lot of things I’ve experienced, as well as other peoples experiences, that shows how ‘humorous’ God can be at times. I mean, how he ‘whisked’ Stephen away, ‘whisked’ Jesus away, had Jonah live in a whale! What’s not humorous in that?

You think God just sits around and frowns all day? If you can’t do anything productive when you’re in a bad mood, do you think God created all the pretty things we see by being angry and unhappy?


It nearly made me cry!
By now, you’ll know I don’t cry for movies. I can cry cause of a book, but movies, don’t deserve my tears, except for a select few. God Calling is such a pleasant exception. From the chemistry between the casts, the performance from even the actors that came out less than three times, the plot, the script… guys, I nearly cried.

I didn’t cry, it was a close call. A very close call, I admit. (See what I did there? Close call? Ugh, Forget it.) I nearly cried and that’s saying something for God Calling.

The way she fell into the water
I know this may sound weird, but really, there’s a way the lead character fell into the water with her phone slipping from her hand in mid air that just pulled at my heart strings. Just watch that part and come back to testify. Even if it’s for that part alone, it’s already a great movie.

I can’t act half as good as the only child actor.

I don’t like acting in the first place, so no, I can’t act like that talented child.

Here’s My Take:
You should totally watch it. You won’t waste your money. It’s a great movie. Keyword being great, and not amazing or greatacular. (Yes, I created my own word)
I’ve sang it’s praises, so why am I not giving God Calling a five-star review? Well, it wasn’t an exactly accurate movie.
For that, you’ll have to meet me in my next blog post on 5 Shortcomings of the God Calling Movie.

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  1. I share the same thought on it being the best Faith based movie I’ve seen so far in Bollywood. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air. I’ll be sharing my thought so on my blog too… looking forward to the second part of this post

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  4. I would love to get a question and answer script as we are discussing the movie tomorrow evening in my Teach Me Tuesday’s Bible Study. I encouraged my group to watch the movie so that we can discuss non-traditional ways of experiencing God. Not one experience is the same for all of us, but the fact that God will use a storm in our lives to get us to the place of having faith! Going to watch it again so that I can have some talking points for us to discuss. Thank you so much for this movie!!!

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