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2018 Was A Great Year! Here’s My Review | Life Through My Eyes

Am I late? I don’t think so. It’s never too late, or late in the first place for new beginnings, making plans, and doing reviews. No one loves plans like I do.

I know almost everyone has done their #newyearnew…? plans by now and people like me are still behind. But come on, its just 11 days after the new year, so I’m still very much early.

(Who else feels like january is slow? More time to make plans sha).

So here I am, after attending cross over service, 12 hours with Jesus at helpline ministries with Rev. Craig, and light for your path service for 2019 in my church, and I’m ready to knock your socks off this year!

Now I can comfortably review 2018 and project my 2019. I have a lot to learn this year, and so does everyone.

Here’s my 2018 in review;

Accomplishments, good sides, what I loved and what I’m proud of:

1. I understood God’s grace and love more.

2. Planned and exexuted my first asthma awareness event in May.

3. Became the 3rd president of the students consulatative forum of elizade university, and 2nd female president. (January)

4. Co-convened a TEDx event (Tedxelizadeuniversity).(June)

5. Wrote, finished, and passed my final exams and successfully graduated with a second class honors (upper division) in economics. It’s a first class higher division in my eyes, lol.(August)

6. Finished my final year project with a grade I’m grateful for. You wouldn’t believe how I finished it. Should I do a blog post on this?(August)

7. Started a blog I’m proud of. You’re currently reading it.

8. Finally got a new phone. Yeay! After many years. Go wild and tap into my annointing! (December)

9. Learned various skills. Graphic design, website building, project management, event planning, etc.

10. Started the journey of serving my father land, my own land is Dubai. By that, I mean I started NYSC. Got sent to Jigawa state and successfully relocated to Delta state. Yes, im the queen of relocation. (September)

11. Joined the OBS in my orientation camp in Jigawa state, the technical department to be specific. They decided to call me the female engineer.

12. Acted in my platoon’s play and earned yet another name on camp, Miss Nigeria.

13. Successfully planned and executed Elizade University Students Week 2018, along with dedicated members of the various committees. (June)

14. Was involved in the planning and exexution of my school’s convocation ceremony, where my acceptance speech from my inauguration as president of the student body was quoted by my vice chancellor in his address.

15. Was interviewed and appeared on TV several times.

16. Performed my killer spoken word poetry in school chapel durin the sister’s week. I should start doing videos. What do you think? I like talking to you.

17. Was part of a Tabling session for African Students For Liberty during the matriculation ceremony. (I had fun that day!)

18. Gave away two of my sisters to their now husbands. I’ll soon start collecting honorarium for my prophetic duties.

19. My brother migrated to heaven.

20. I finally figured my life’s goal. To eat, be merry, be happy and enjoy my life as I fulfill God’s purpose for my life.

21. 2018 was my best year EVER!

22. I got to understand God’s grace, leading, comfort and love practically. I’ll see more of this in 2019. I’m so excited!

There are lots more, but that should feed your curiosity and mine. So let’s move on…

Regrets! Regrets! and Things I Didn’t Like!


(Chuckles evily).

Does it shock you that I don’t have regrets? Sure, I didn’t perform optimally, but that’s part of my process of getting to my destination.

I didn’t get the result I wanted, I don’t regret it, cause it could have been worse, and I thank God for it.

My brother migrated to our temporary home. To speak the language of humans, he died at the earth age of 16. I’m not grieved, I’m not sad, I’m not balling my eyes out, and 2018 was still my best year EVER!

No, I’m not mad, I’m 100% mentally fit and I’m not depressed. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t have had my year go any differently.

Surprised? Don’t be, I just understand things better. I’m writing a blog post on how I successfully dealt with it, and you should read it when it’s out. It’ll help you and every other human on this planet.

I almost didn’t graduate, but God made a way, he parted the red sea and I walked right through it with my head held high and shoulder squared and I graduated, started my National youth service (which I’m currently enjoying by the way. Thanks for asking.) And I did a Zion walk out of 2018 like the child of a King that I am.

So, yes, I appreciate 2018. No regrets. Absolutely no regrets and I wouldn’t have had any of it go another way. God’s the greatest fiction writer in my records and I always enjoy my Daddy’s stories.

Now let’s move on to 2019!

2019? WE GO BUY BENNZZZZ!!!! (and the crowd goes wild!!!)

Am I really buying Benz?


No, I’m not buying a Benz. I don’t like Benz. (Sue me). I don’t even know how to drive in real life

Money isn’t my main focus this year. Christ is! So I’m going to focus on everything that concerns me and Him. Certainly, my Daddy won’t leave me stranded. (I don’t know if God is your Daddy, but he’s mine! All mine! Heheheee).

What I do know I’ll buy, is BOOKS! Lots of them. In their hundreds and I look forward to doing reviews on them too. I’ve already started.

Sharpening my skills

I’ll also deliberately attend classes on writing, blogging, content creation, social media marketing, business, branding and graphics design. This year, I’m hitting the top with my skills.

Published Author

The one that stands out more for me, is the publishing of at least one of my books this year, and selling myself as a writer. My blog posts would also be tailored to saving and transforming lives.

Finding my real Homeland

I plan to apply for and get scholarships that would catapult me to my real eathly natural habitat. (Lol. I still love Nigeria. Leave my passport alone! I won’t give you.)

Book reviews

I’ve announced it on my social media pages, but not here. I’m going to start proper book reviews on my blog and my first book is ‘How To Win Over Depression’ by Tim Lahaye. It’s an amazing book, I’m almost done reading it and guess what?! I’m not just reviewing the book, I’ll also write a lessons learned post from each chapter. It’s packed with so much information that it would be a waste to just review and let it go.

Monthly themes! Hurray for targetted content!

In addition to that, I’ll also have monthly themes on my blog. Meaning, all posts would reflect the theme of that month. The theme for this month, is DEPRESSION!

I’m elated. I hope you are too. I pray a lot of people would be rid of depresion from their lives and families as this month goes along. I can literally just see and taste the feedback, testimonies and miracles that would come as a result of this months posts.

God has a lot in store for us guys. I hope you’re ready for the ride. This is 2019, and I’ve never been so excited to start a year!


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The Creator’s Pen

(Orobosa Ikponmwen)

Please don’t bite your tongue trying to pronounce it.

Ps: I left a little something for all of you looking to marry me in 2019/2020 on Day 3’s journal entry. Go and read it!

16 thoughts on “2018 Was A Great Year! Here’s My Review | Life Through My Eyes”

  1. What an impeccable write up….. I love the fact you don’t have regrets. All things worketh for good to them that love God….. You can finish. I thought we were interacting…. Thats an amazing skill right there. Now am forced to follow you.

  2. I just read an amazing piece and I’m glad I did. Girl you are strong and never forget that. 2018 was also a year I understood God love and learnt to trust him. 2019 we’re fulfilling purpose

    1. Thanks Oiza, thank you so much! I’m not going to forget that. I hope to understand God’s love a lot more this year too.
      “We’re fulfilling purpose in 2019. ”
      I remember telling a friend of mine these same words, and I heard it again in my spirit some hours ago. It’s just funny how you made this comment three days ago, and I’m just seeing it. The Spirit is certainly one.
      Thanks again for stopping to drop a comment.

  3. I’m so impressed at all you have done. I like your enthusiasm, it’s remarkable. I like the fact that you want to know your daddy this year. It’s amazing. I pray everything works out for you. May you continue to have joy💕

  4. Congrats on all your 2018 achievements, looks like you really had a packed year! It’s nice you took on so many roles and put yourself out there. About your brother – I know that couldn’t have been easy, but I hope whenever you feel down about it, there will always be something or someone to comfort you. Heres to an even better 2019!

    1. Thanks so much Amaka for your comforting words. Not to worry, I have people who are always there for me in times like that.
      Ps: Welcome back to the .wordpress. com family. 🤣 We still love you, but we home you don’t remain here

  5. To say I’m short of words would be an actual understatement. I’m so happy you got to do all these things and would love to be a part of your 2019 anyway you need me. Sorry I couldn’t be there physically for you after your brother’s migration (I’m not good at that stuff so I tried to be there other ways, I prayed a lot tho🙂).
    More power to you roomie

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