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Official Launching of Jarah Gist (2018) | Event Review

About the Brand

Jarah Gist Media is a  registered media and public relations brand based in Nigeria that offers a variety of services ranging from Blogging, Event Coverage, Artist Promotion and also runs an online TV, Jarah Gist TV, on Youtube where they host inspiring, educative and entertaining shows. It is owned by Jonah Eleojo Faith.

About the Event

Date: 21, December 2018

Venue: Metro Event Hall, 36, 1st Ugbor, GRA Benin City.

From the moment I got to the red carpet, I knew within me that I would love this particular event. Not because I’m a huge fan of the organizers, but because of my expectations from that event and the lessons I intended to take home. From the red carpet to the ambience of the hall, to the master of ceremony, Jarah Gist Media official launch was a hit. Jarah Gist Media held it’s official launch of the brand and its mobile app in Benin City, on the 21st of December, 2018, and I was there!
There were dance performances from the Hip-Hop dance crew, G.O.D(Goons on Deck) and the solo Robotics dancer, Nature that got the audience clapping, shouting and occasionally dancing along.

C.E.O JGM, and Her Team

The Master of Ceremony created engagements by asking members of the audience what they thought ‘Jarah’ meant.
Next up was a heartwarming and eye-watering session where attendees were entertained with tales of little beginnings of Jarah Gist Media, such as when the blog was still hosted on Blogger, their interview with some returnees from Libya, among other things, The CEO also gave heartwarming remarks and commendations about those who had supported her throughout Jarah Gist’s journey so far, especially the General Manager, Esther Agbonlahor (AGES). There was the cutting of the cake (which I didn’t eat, by the way, I’m on a diet. lol).

The time arrived for the highlight of the day, the launching. Minds were blown as The CEO of Jarah Gist Media, Faith Eleojo Jonah, dished out the plans that are cooking for Jarah gist media in 2019. The most notable of which was the opening of the company’s studio in Benin City, Edo state.
Equipment needed for the operation of the studio were displayed for all attendees to see, along with the cost of each. At the end of the event, up to half of the budget was slated to be met by various well-wishers and sponsors of the brand. It was a joy to see the major support given to the JGM by various brands and individuals.

Overall, it was a great event. Lots of personal lessons to learn; It gave me better perspectives about branding, and about planning events.
For me, it was a highly motivating and inspiring event. More importantly, I had a great time!

You can find out more about Jarah gist media on their blog and social media handles.
Blog: www.Jarahgist.com
Instagram/ Facebook: @jarahgistofficial/@Jarahgist
To get involved in the launching of the brand, or support the opening of the JGM studio, you can contact Jarah Gist Media on 07064864190, or on social media.

C.E.O, Jarah Gist Media, Jonah Eleojo Faith

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The Creator’s Pen and Ages, General Manager, JGM

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