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One Silly Mistake In Black Panther You Didn’t Notice (&other spoilers)|Movie Review

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WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity Wars. So if you haven’t watched either or neither of the two, I’m not responsible for your emotions after you read this and then watch the movie. 

People of Wakanda! Get in here! We have urgent matters to discuss.

I know a lot of you may have scoured the internet for spoilers, mistakes, etc, but I promise you, you won’t find this particular mistake elsewhere. I haven’t even heard this spoken of elsewhere aside from Black Panther, so I’m wondering where this particular mistake jumped out from. Was it even a mistake? Or was it a silly and deliberate?

I’ll just get straight to the point then.

Remember the Museum scene where Erik Killmonger, Klaue and the rest of the team went to steal artifacts? I’m sure you do.

The ‘expert’ or curator, or as I like to call here ‘white lady from the museum scene’, walked up to Erik and started answering questions about the artifacts he asked about, trying to make her boundless knowledge known.

After Erik asked about the mask from Ghana, up next was the mask from Nigeria, Benin City to be exact, called the Mask of Queen Idia. But guess what, this is exactly where the big mistake is.

The beautiful mask of Queen Idia that was disrespected!

The woman actually told Erik Killmonger that the mask was from, “the EDO people OF BENIN!”

The first time I heard it was at the cinema. I thought I heard it wrongly, and obviously I couldn’t rewind to check if I was hard of hearing. A few days ago, the HD version was available for download, so I downloaded it and watched it twice.

Well, guess what again? I wasn’t wrong! I heard the lady perfectly well. She actually did say “the EDO PEOPLE OF BENIN.”

Let me explain what she meant if you haven’t caught on yet. In the same manner that she described the Ghanian mask as being from the “Bobo Ashanti tribe, present day Ghana” (Now I don’t know if this Ghanian description is  correct yet), but she goes on to describe the  next, my dear tribal artifact, as being from the “EDO PEOPLE OF BENIN!”

I was like, “Hol up, Hol up. You said what? Edo people of Benin? Wakanda thing did she just say?”

If you’re not from Nigeria, I’ll just make this clear so you’ll understand. Benin is not a country, it was never a country. Edo is a state in Nigeria, and Benin is a city in Edo state. Edo/Bini is a tribe in Nigeria. I don’t know where these people got their history from. I’m not understanding how they managed to get this huge detail wrong.

Why’d they do that tho?

If they were referring to Benin Republic, which is a country in Africa, I would manage, but they ended up showing the mask and killed every defense I was building up for them. I literally had to watch that scene six more times and do lots of research to be sure I wasn’t going to give you guys wrong info like our Wakanda brothers and sisters did.

First, people thought Africa was a country. Now the makers of Black Panther have the rest of the world thinking Edo is a tribe in a country called Benin in Africa! I’m done! I give up!

What part of history are we subtly narrating wrongly?

ACCENTS! ACCENTS! They had ‘AFRICAN’ accents!

Another thing to note about the movie, is that the pidgin spoken was really bad. I mean, I get that you want these actors having ‘African’ accents, but really, Pidgin itself has it’s own accent fam! The scene in NIgeria, where T’Chala went to rescue ‘our wife’, he threw some Wakanda tech at the trucks carrying women and the trucks stopped. The drivers came down from their vehicles to check what the cause was, and this happened:

Someone actually said, “The car no start.” You have to re-watch this scene to understand what I’m talking about. It was terrible. The accent used was hideous.

Couldn’t they just pay an actual Nigeria to help them speak the pidgin?

Even the man that spoke Hausa too, had their Black Panther ‘African’ accent. There was nothing Hausa about his accent.

This post won’t be complete without two more points.

Our King Can’t Protect Us!

The fact that T’Chala got beat up too much. His character was weak despite the illusion of his ‘Bleck Penther’ strength. What’s the use of telling us he has animal skills and then disappoint us fellow Wakandians by allowing our king get beat up like a regular Wakanda citizen.

Black Panther Narrowly Escaped Death!

Even in Avengers: Infinity wars, our oga was beaten up pretty bad too. No wonder he’s one of the heroes that disappeared before the movie ended. He’s just lucky that the latest yoruba demon, OluwaTHANOS did not kill him off. He would have been one of the heroes that Marvel said would be permanently dead till ‘thy kingdom comes’. His usefulness had expired after all the talking drums and killer sound tracks gave us life in his own movie.

Now our king disgraced us, and we won’t take it lightly.  We would mourn and appoint our sister, Shuri, the new Black Panther and queen of Wakanda.

Before I go, I legit felt my hopes were dashed when I watched the movie at first. They killed all the villains, and if you remove all the tech, graphics, and soundtracks, Black Panther did not live up to the hype for me. The plot wasn’t bullet proof enough. All the same, I love the movie and I’ll love to watch it for the 6th time.

Just enjoy this meme…

This ends my angry rant of disappointments.

What are your thoughts? As always, let’s discuss in the comment section.

Yours truly,


14 thoughts on “One Silly Mistake In Black Panther You Didn’t Notice (&other spoilers)|Movie Review”

  1. This is so true, sometimes you just wanna ask, “did anybody proof read this? ” SMH you don’t disrespect Nigeria or it’s culture or it’s history like that, it’s a sacred and spiritual something, I just hope the ancestors do not get angry and pour their wrath upon the writers of the movie

  2. Well, i think the Marvel cinematic universe sometimes doesn’t deliver the heat we expect. From the first iron man movie till the Infinity War, we’ve been made to believe the connectivity that exists between this movies and they’ve done a good job…and sometimes not. There was this XMen movie where they were in Nigeria and rounded up villagers that spoke ibo quite perfectly. I’m thinking maybe s lot of research wasnt carried out to fan off the not-so-real details and leave us with finite and precise representation. Another thing i guess eas responsible is the fact must people have cultures from other continents misunderstood and misinterpreted. Nigerians pronounce many iconic British names of Locations and things similar wrongly, i believe such misunderstanding can be blamed. Now…all that dumped into the trash… it is WAKANDA FOREVER!!! they ought to have invested a lot into getting the details right at list… let an Hausa man take the role, let a nigerian that speaks pidgin well from Nollywood take the part. You’re right on that part. Now, let me explain the Kilmonger beating T’chala part. The battle takes place between both men as ordinary men with no tether to the Power of the “ Bleck Penther”. Thats why Tchala took the potion to strip him of his powers to make it fair…cuz eith the power of the “bleck Penther”… killMonger wouldnt have lasted a few Sekhends (seconds).
    Nice piece. Love the memes!

    1. A huge THANK YOU to whomever wrote this article. I thought I was going mad. I did not think it was possible for marvel to make such a silly mistake. I had been reading all I could, on Benin republic to see if there is any state called ‘Edo’ there but I could not find one. I even recognised the Queen Idia artefact. THIS GOES TO SHOW HOW LITTLE RESPECT AMERICANS HAVE FOR ‘AFRICANS.’ I BET MARVEL GETS ALL THEIR FACTS ON ‘AFRICA’ FROM A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH.

    2. Bini is a nation on its own, it has dealings with the British and Portuguese long before Nigeria even existed. You should try to do a study of Benin before the precolonial era, so that aspect was correct.
      I agree with you on the aspect of the King of wakanda being badly beaten kind of reduced the rating of the character, but in all, the movie was good.

    3. Now The Benin was right, you need to do more research on the Benin Kingdom, because pre-colonization Edo was its capital. Now T’Challa got beat up on because he was made to be more relatable than say hulk or Thor.

      1. Benin is now in Nigeria. She could have said present day Nigeria like she did for Ghana, but she didn’t. That’s my point. Saying it without update is giving false information.

    4. Lmao I love that last meme. I hate those kinda mistakes. They are really disrespectful. And since the rest of the world don’t know shit about africa, they feel it’s okay and can be overlooked

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