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To Find The Dawn | A POEM


Hey guys!

I wrote this one a long time ago (almost a year back actually). Looking back to the thoughts I had when writing it, I realized it’s still relevant with current events in my life. And meeehhn, does it bring back some memories!!!

Meanwhile, do enjoy and I pray that after the rough and torturing night, you too will Find Your Dawn…



Find the moon,

and find the stars,

Find the clouds dark,

and find the sand under the skies,

Our past had come to play.

The night had hit and hit hard,

It tore our clothes and left it charred,

Tears that turned to ice followed,

Its cold wind chilled our bones,

When the pain found its way into our homes.

We found and remembered it,

The night we lost those we loved,

We mourned the heads of those who truely cared,

The ones who only told truth in love,

The guilty ones who did no wrong.

It haunted us and we ran,

Ran far far away and hid,

The moon blind behind the dark clouds,

Our escape being denied its light,

The darkness had seeped past its boundaries.

The stars glittered in the sky,

It glittered and mocked us,

Mocked us for trying to be better,

For trying to right our wrongs,

For trying to forgive those who wronged us.

But hard we fought,

We forgave and prayed like we ought,

We found forgiveness and out-ran the night,

We resolved, stood for what was right,

Until we heard and saw the coming of our knight.

In search of that sliver of light,

We Climbed out our rabbit holes,

Damaged our nails on the rough earth,

With blood cascading down our heads and hands,

Tattered clothes and blistered feet,

Climbed out and stood at the top of the grey hill.

Then we saw the sky blue,

That moment the sun finds it que,

And the earth knew to follow its kind,

The Creators brush painting streakes of blue and yellow,

The different shades blending mellow.

We watched the sun rise from its slumber,

Chasing away the night along with our past,

The ball of fire unveiled from behind the clouds,

Burning to ash our past, our pain and our loss,

We breathe in the smell of dew, fresh air and a chance at new beginnings.

We had found the sun,

And found the bright colors of the morning,

We found the gold lined clouds,

And the greens under the blue sky,


What does this piece mean to you?

Let me know in the comment section!!!

9 thoughts on “To Find The Dawn | A POEM”

  1. This is really good!! For me it means 2 things
    No matter how bad things get as long as we have God , there’s assurance that he’ll come through.
    Also I think it’s also talking about the collateral beauty of loss whether its the death of a loved one or something little like losing your favourite earring lol.

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  3. Well, after a long fight, struggle to get the prize, sleepless nights, prayers and dark night studies…. A day will come when all the pain and hard work pay. It could be your convocation or an award, something that makes people celebrate you … The reward. Even though it was tough, the bright side will definitely come.

    Also… Second thought is, nothing lasts forever. Joy comes in the morning!

  4. Fortune_the_warrior.

    So sad many cave in before the dawn. Be thankful when you find the strength to out run the night.

  5. Alpha Gabriel ojimaojo

    We’d lost precious parts of us with memories of things and people we wont get to see around, had alot of hurt and pain struggle not to let go of the mirage we have of them,get to see it all vanishes with reality and the only real thing we get to see is God helping us when we live with unreal relationships that disappear when we least expect.. God got us even with the facade.

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