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On Epic Loves and Friendships | Life Through These Eyes


Hey people!

Remember the poem I posted earlier, To Find The Dawn? If you haven’t read it, please do. Read it here >>> To Find The Dawn | A POEM

It’s important you do, so you can properly connect with what you’re about to read.

So, down to business…

I’ve been thinking lately. About how hard it is to find good friends. If you have even one great  friend, you’ll understand. If you don’t have at all, and you’re still looking for, you’re in a good place to appreciate them when you find them.

The struggle is real ehn…

Now I’m not talking about the friends who are only there to laugh when you’re laughing, or the ones that are only there for gist, or even the ones that are only available when they need something.

I’m talking about those epic friends that support you in good times and bad;

The ones that are ready to sacrifice for you;

The ones that will push you to become better at being you;

The ones who will be there to lift you back up when you make a mistake;

The type of friends that you can trust with certain information without being worried that they’ll become hashtags the next day;

And oh Lawd, especially those friends that don’t judge you for being human.

If you’re part of the above, kudos to you. You’re loved!

Meanwhile, that’s not the only reason  why we’re here today. The reason is because there are times when we find such people, such epic loves, epic friendship, and epic people, sometimes even epic situationships, but something happens and then they’re lost.

I’m sure some of us, if not all, have experienced this. You meet someone, you guys hit it off real good. Your checklist almost has all sections checked out. You’re wondering where this kind of human being has been all your life. I mean, everything is going good and fine…  until they are no longer there.

I had a similar experience last year. I met this guy, we became really good friends. He was the type of friend that would make you see reasons why you should be who you want to be without minding what the society has to say. The type of friend that would push you to be great, to give your dreams all you’ve got, and to not just live but experience life.

We met at a time in my life where I really needed some pushing to get through what was going on in my life. The type of person you could comfortably talk about your passions with without having to worry if the other person was feeling awkward about deep conversations. That’s exactly what he was.

Everything was good and fine until the day he didn’t call when he was supposed to. His number wasn’t going through, and I made some calls only to find out that he was robbed. A victim of Nigeria’s security lapses and was in coma for days.

As usual I was afraid. I was scared for his life. A few days later, news reached me that he died. I was just emotionally blank for some days. I don’t know why but I didn’t want to believe it. I was hoping he’ll come back, or it would be a joke and we’d laugh about it later. But alas, he’s still away from this earth.

A similar thing happened with another friend (this one had the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen in real life lol. Same goes for his heart). Another was my friend – someone I looked up to, my dance teacher that died because of cancer.

I’m low-key a very emotional person when it comes to people I love. Especially with my wonderful friends and family. I can legit give my life for those people, whether they can do same for me or not. (Deal, I can care like that).

Was I pained when I lost those people? Yes. Did I cry? For all three of them, oh yes I did. Do I regret meeting them? Absolutely not.

In fact, I feel happy that I got to meet such people. I feel blessed that I got to know them, and I had such fantastic people care about me. It made me realize how priceless good people in our lives are.

Loosing these people have made me realize how irreplaceable moments with our loved and loving ones are. Even when they piss you off, when they disappoint you, when their decisions let you down, in good and bad times. There’s still love in our hearts for them.

Also, loosing these people have made me realize how irredeemable our short time on earth is. It further heightened the importance of living life to the fullest, and enjoying every moment as they come, the good and bad ones too.

It made me realize that life is too short to live up to societies standards, or to live by what Nneka or Tobi expects of me, but to live by my own expectations, and at my own pace. Every other persons opinions and expectations are secondary.

It’s taught me to be myself at all times. To say what needs to be said. To know what needs to be known. To do what needs to be done, and yes, lol, to eat what needs to be eaten (very important| #foodieGang).

Overall, it’s taught me to love and care as I should. Without inhibitions or worry of getting hurt.

Life is too short fam! Live it, love it. Every single moment of it.

Don’t forget to appreciate those Epic people in your life. You don’t know when you might loose them.

Have you had #EpicLoves, #EpicFrienships, or simply just #EpicPeople in your lives and then lost them for one reason or the other?

How was your experience?

What impact did it have in your life?

Let me know in the comment section.

Yours in hugs and epic moments of life,

In fond memory of Austin, Victor and Precious… You’re still loved.

7 thoughts on “On Epic Loves and Friendships | Life Through These Eyes”

  1. And Tobi expects you to have an audience of one, God! Be yourself as long as you are living according to His will and standards.

    I like the fact that you can really come out and be real about things that happened to you. It’s encouraging. Sorry about the losses… It can really be painful! I’m glad you still learnt great life lessons from the losses.

  2. sadly I haven’t met these kind of friends. Maybe because I don’t trust people. I have friends even close ones too, but the connection which you have talked about I simply can’t find any friends with whom I can feel about that.
    So sorry for your loss.
    take care of yourself❤

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