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Killers Of Our Future By Lola Adedara| Poetry


First, I’ll like to categorically state that this poem came very timely, seeing as your MCM decided to call all of us lazy. I especially love this piece cause it’s so on point and very relevant for these times.  So without further ado…

Our first guest writer is….


LOLA ADEDARA  Is currently a student of the department of Accounting and Finance at Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin, Ondo state, Nigeria. She is an upcoming writer of what some would call modern or contemporary poetry.

She believes perspective and truth should always coincide even though opinions may vary amongst people and that poetry need not be the rhyming of words or use of deep figurative speech but may be the simplified expression of one’s view of a particular topic.

Lola enjoys appreciating art whether its music or novels or poetry. She tries to understand what the singer or writer must have been feeling producing their art, herself a beginner guitar player. She is also a bit obsessed with the French language and spends her free time trying to translate French songs and labels or warnings on items. She hopes to write her own poetry collection one day.

Poetry need not be the rhyming of words or use of deep figurative speech but may be the simplified expression of one’s view – Lola Adedara


In the course of your dreams,

At the gates of hell,

You will ask what that foul odor is.

It is the numbers of corpses,

Buried on your behalf.

The starved children and the suicidal youths,

Whose lives you took,

Sword in hand,

Who violently cried out to you for help,

Through their protruded bellies,

And skeleton-like bodies,

Through their protests,

And through their movements.

What did the starving infant child do to provoke you?

What wrong did the unemployed youth do?

You prey on innocence,

You prey on our future,

For gratification,

That fades away with the passing of time.

The dying young child now chokes on his dreams knowing he’ll never achieve them,

That once vibrant youth is shadowed by loneliness and grief for a future no longer in sight,

This is how you rupture our future,

Corrupt leaders,

Do you have no conscience? Are you not lovers of evil?

Be troubled and,

Ponder on all this in your slumber,

And do try not to wake up.

  • Lola Adedara

I feel like I should drop the mic on her behalf! Nothing more to add.

You know whats up. Let’s hear it in the comment section!

22 thoughts on “Killers Of Our Future By Lola Adedara| Poetry”

  1. The way the message is conveyed is amazing, such directness, creativity and passion. For an upcoming writer she’s very good and I see greater things in her future.

  2. Flower!!!!!…..this is great…you’re really writting the hearts of the youths of this nation….we need to stay awake and alert to be ready for this our so called “leaders” …loved it.

  3. For the fact that you have a different perspective to the meaning of poetry is mind blowing. Then the poem itself – without rhythmic accuracy or figurative exaggeration – is so wonderfully written, welldone

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