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A Beautiful Death | Poetry

a beautiful death poem

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All things hold it’s own beauty,

All things hold it’s own ugliness,

But of them all,

This holds my  fascination,

A Beautiful Death.

See with me,

The calming jagged blue and white bolts of lightening,

Descending from a grey and blue sky.

The crescendo of talking drums,

That escort the bolts onto the earth,

It brings with it the tale of beauty to come,

Can you here it now?

Join the dance of the light,

Sway with me to the music of nature,

Hold the hands of the sky,

And dance as light meet darkness.

All around us the dance of light.

The pleasant aroma of the weeping sky,

And the sweet taste of rain on my eager tongue,

My heart beats in anticipation of what’s to come.

I had watched and waited,

atop the highest building,

waiting for the perfect time to see.

Do you want to see?

Now is the time,

With my finger raised toward the sky,

I had forgotten what it meant to breathe,

As I saw lightening catwalk down the runway,

To kiss the tip of my finger,

“Come, my Beloved.” She said

“Thor awaitsssss”

My last words remained within,

Mother earth was only a world behind.

There it was,

Now I had lived it,

The Beautiful Death.


EEEH, it’s creepy? I know. lol

What do you think?

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