“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”

~ Pablo Picasso

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Orobosa Ikponmwen enthusiastically writes unbiased Nollywood Movie Reviews, Short Stories you’ll relish and sometimes, she holds opinions she likes to share with you in Life Through My Eyes.

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Orobosa is a creative writer who is fantastic at what she does. She writes stories, articles, reviews, and scripts. Feel free to reach out cause you’ll love working with her!

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For some reason, she’s terrible at writing an ‘About me’ but she’s skilled at watching movies, reading novels, tasting good food and creating blockbusters when she sleeps. Other times, she writes on Dey There.


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Nimbe Movie Review : The 3 People it Speaks To

“Nimbe starts off with a teenager, pointing a loaded gun at his classmate, in the middle of a crowded class, in the middle of a crowded school.” – Nimbe Movie Review

Cold Feet Movie Review (2019 Nigerian Movie)

Cold Feet is one Nigerian movie with several lessons on marriage, forgiveness and humanity and I’ll discuss them in this review. If there’s one thing that it teaches accurately, it’s that marr…

Kasanova (2019) Movie Review – An Easy To Like Romantic Comedy

Kasanova (2019) is a romantic comedy about a single father who after losing his wife, engages in multiple flings with women but later falls in love with his son’s music teacher. Kasanova is writt…

Featured in Fiction

Boundaries – A Short Story by Orobosa Ikponmwen

In this short story Boundaries, a woman throws respect out the window when she feels disrespected by her Mother-in-law. Boundaries is written by Orobosa Ikponmwen Boundaries written by Orobosa Ikpo…

When She Knew – A Coronavirus Short Story

Some days ago, I registered for a creative writing class and was asked to write a short story about our current pandemic situation i.e the lockdown, Coronavirus, isolation etc. I had about two days to…

Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi | Book Review

Title: Freshwater Author: Akwaeke Emezi ABOUT THE BOOK “Ada has always been unusual. As an infant in southern Nigeria, she is a source of deep concern to her family. Her parents successfully prayed h…

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